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Fargo woman sleeping with gun accidently shoots neighbor's headboard

FARGO - A woman sleeping with a shotgun in bed rolled over on it, discharging the gun and sending a pellet through the wall and into the headboard of her neighbor's bed, police say.

The woman's neighbor wasn't home at the time, and reported the incident to police Monday morning after finding the hole, Fargo Sgt. Jeff Skuza said. No one was injured by the incident.

Skuza declined to say why the woman was sleeping with the gun. It is not uncommon for individuals to have guns in the bedroom, but not often in bed with them, he said.

"It's not something we recommend," Skuza said.

The discharge in the 3300 block of 16th Avenue South appears to be accidental, but the woman could face charges for the incident ranging from negligent discharge, discharge of a gun in city limits and reckless endangerment, Skuza said.

Police have responded to reports of bullets or projectiles going into neighboring apartments accidentally in the past, most often in cases of individuals handling guns, cleaning them or in suicides or suicide attempts, Skuza said.

"It's the first time I can remember one sleeping with a gun," Skuza said.