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USDA to help with repairs

It's time to put those home repair plans into action. If your residence requires home improvements and your wondering where this money is going to come from, USDA Rural Development, a federally funded agency, may be the answer.

• Best interest rate around (1 percent interest rate for the life of the loan).

• Maximum loan of $20,000 with up to a 20-year repayment term.

• No mortgage or closing costs are required for loans under $7,500.

• Grants up to $7,500 for health and safety issues may be available for those 62 and over.

To learn more about requirements for this program, or to request an appointment, call the USDA Rural Development Office at (218) 847-9392 ext. 4 or write to USDA Rural Development, 809 8th Street SE, Detroit Lakes MN 56501.

You can also visit the Web site at