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Detroit Lakes man gets 18 months in prison, stayed, for domestic assault

Joey Dean Callahan, 24, of 17960 350th Ave., Detroit Lakes has been sentenced for felony domestic assault.

A felony charge of fifth-degree assault was dismissed in a plea agreement.

According to court records:

He assaulted a family member at a birthday party at his father's house on June 9. He got angry at her, grabbed her and threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on a couch.

He punched her in the leg, threw her to the ground again and hit her, then kicked her in the ribs. She had multiple bruises on her body after the assault.

On Jan. 8 he was sentenced by District Judge Joe Evans to 18 months in prison, execution of sentence stayed five years.

He was placed on supervised probation for five years and ordered to serve 45 days in jail and 15 more days on electronic home monitoring at his own expense.

He was fined $1,000 plus court fees, but can do work release or STS work towards the fine.

He was ordered to get a domestic assault assessment and have no contact with the victim. He must complete a cognitive skills program at the discretion of his probation officer.