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Letter: Abortions need to end now in America

An elderly friend of mine calls me on the average of once a week. She is haunted by a choice she made about 40 years ago. She is finding it hard to forgive herself for eliminating what she now knows was her developing child, through the choice of abortion. Though she has repented of her sin and knows the Lord has forgiven her, she cannot forgive herself or forget.

I call that bondage, not freedom. Multiply that woman's grief times 50,000,000 and you know that is a tragedy many times larger than our current financial crisis. It has affected millions of women, men and families, and resulted not only in depression but also an escalation of child abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, breast cancer and suicide.

Legislators have tried to curb this menace by adding legal restrictions such as the Parental Notification Act, Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Women's Right to Know and Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act, among others.

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) now being considered by the U.S. Congress will effectively nullify all restrictions now in place anywhere in the United States. President-elect Obama has vowed to sign this bill.

As evidenced by my friend's troubled voice (and heart), this would not be freedom but unforgettable bondage! When she made her choice many years ago, she was not aware of scientific facts of life within that we know now.

This holocaust has gone on for 36 years, since Jan. 22, 1973. That's 36 years too long! Pray to end abortion and change hearts!

-- Corrine Frank, Detroit Lakes