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Did Real love fade for Fargo's reality TV star Noah?

A common complaint regarding reality TV shows is that it's rarely "real."

It's a valid criticism.

Reality TV feels scripted. The casts are full of people who exhale melodrama. And no one is ever ugly. Ever.

With all that in mind, what made Monday's finale of "Real Chance of Love" so captivating is that for once a reality TV hookup show seemed to produce something real.

When the long-haired musician Ahmad "Real" Givens chose Fargo's own Abbi "Corn Fed" Noah as his chance at love, the two looked, sounded and felt like they were actually in love.

But as we wait for the show's reunion special to air on Jan. 26, there's word that this reality TV romance could be hitting the rocks.

On Thursday, Noah, who grew up in Detroit Lakes, Minn., before moving to Fargo in 2003, talked to The Forum for the first time since her "victory." And while she can't discuss the status of her relationship with Real until the series is over, some of her comments suggest their love has been diluted by reality.

"At the time, I thought it was love," Noah says. "I have a lot of love for Real. And, at the time, I was in love with him. ... But I don't think I was ever really truly, truly in love."

The romance has cooled because the couple hasn't been able to see each other since the show stopped taping - so as not to spoil the show's end.

"After the show, we stayed in contact, called every single day, texting. Our relationship was really good. But it's a phone relationship," Noah says. "I was so in love with that man and he was in love with me. But it faded. Our relationship wasn't over. But any long-distance relationship is difficult."

Yet, it doesn't sound like Noah's had a difficult transition to semi-stardom.

Since "Real Chance of Love" began airing, Noah left Fargo to move to Los Angeles - her parents, Marcie and Larry Noah, drove out with her. And she got an apartment two doors down from her best friend and "Real Chance of Love" castmate Cali.

Now that the show's over, Noah says she's been doing radio interviews, thinking about pursuing her "dream job" of becoming a TV host and been making the customary appearances on the club circuit that so many reality TV stars follow.

So far, Noah says Fargo clubs haven't extended an invite to their hometown star. But if she does make a Fargo stop will Real be coming?

"Yeah, we had talked about it," she says. "I know he would stick out like a sore thumb, he's a long-haired black man who dresses crazy."

But she says, "I think if Real ever did come back to Fargo people would greet him with open arms."

Yet, Noah's more concerned with herself at this time.

"I'm just doing Abbi right now," she says. "I'm not looking for anything."

That sounds like a line from a heartbroken lover. But Noah doesn't sound like someone who's about to give up on love, or Real.

"What we felt was real at the time," she says. "It was distance that kept us away from each other. God has a plan. I'm going to leave it up to him."