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Former Fargo woman talks after surviving New York plane crash

Less than 24 hours after the plane she was in crash-landed on the Hudson River in New York, former Fargo resident Laura Zych was back on board an airplane today flying to Charlotte, N.C.

Zych, originally from Graceville, Minn., says she is a 2000 graduate of North Dakota State University.

She was among the 150 passengers and five crew members who survived Thursday's crash of a US Airways flight from New York to Charlotte.

Zych says her anxiety went up when she began smelling smoke in the cabin. She says she's been overwhelmed with phone calls from friends, family and the media since the crash happened.

Zych told WDAY Radio News that when she got to Charlotte this morning, she had no keys for her car or apartment.

She says she was able to grab her cell phone, but just about everything else she brought on board Thursday's flight was left on board the plane after it crashed.