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Breckenridge School Board tackling cuts, contract to keep interim superintendent

terim Breckenridge Superintendent Warren Schmidt

BRECKENRIDGE - The Breckenridge School Board is tackling two major topics: authorizing $500,000 in budget cuts and negotiating a contract to keep its reigning district leader.

Interim Superintendent Warren Schmidt said the board unanimously approved the reduction amount, which will be discussed at a special board meeting Tuesday.

"What we will be looking at Tuesday evening will be very preliminary," he said. It's unknown how many district positions will be eliminated.

For example, if there's a call for cutting three full-time equivalents, that could mean eliminating six part-time positions, Schmidt said. The special meeting will be held at Breckenridge High School.

On Friday, the board also voted to start negotiations with Schmidt for a second year as superintendent. Schmidt said his decision on whether to stay with the district depends on the negotiations.

Schmidt was hired last spring after his predecessor, Greg East, was not offered another contract.

The board also voted to keep the seventh- and eighth-graders at the elementary school instead of moving them to the high school. Schmidt said the decision could change pending the outcome of the budget reductions.

The board also voted to retain member Tom Rittenhouse as its chairman, to double the amount of college classes offered and to work out a program with the North Dakota State College of Science.