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Most of Newfolden's water supply is restored

Most of Newfolden had its water restored Friday night after more than a day without service caused by two water main breaks.

City administrator Tammy Hansen said the area of one leak was determined Friday at about 8:30 p.m. After workers were able to valve that section off, service was restored to two-thirds of the town.

The school was reopened as well after being closed for classes Friday, and she added that the basketball game scheduled for Saturday will go on as usual.

"That part of life has kind of returned back to normal," she said.

Additionally, all businesses but two gas sta-tions and the Marshall County State Bank had their water turned back on by Saturday afternoon. Hansen pointed out only one of these is open for business on the weekends.

Hansen said at 5 p.m. Saturday she remains optimistic the specific location of the leak will be identified and fixed later Saturday or Sunday.

"They're digging today, and they've been going at it all day," she said. "With any luck at all, it will be tonight."

The cold weather has made the process even harder, as work crews have to dig through about five feet of frost to get to the pipes suspected as having a leak.

A company from South Dakota was called into town after officials determined the 55-year-old cast iron pipe leading to the water tower had a leak last Sunday. But once workers began the repair Thursday afternoon, they quickly real-ized there was a second leak somewhere in town.

Hansen said that the water tower work has been ongoing since Thursday, and the repair should be nearing completion in the next cou-ple days.

Newfolden has a population of 362 according to 2000 census figures, and is located about 60 miles northeast of Grand Forks in Marshall County