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Couple already wants to adopt newborn girl abandoned at Grand Forks fire station

GRAND FORKS - The story of the baby girl left in a cardboard box outside a Grand Forks fire station Saturday morning gripped people fast.

Lori Krasovich was perusing the internet about 1 p.m. Saturday and saw the Herald's story on the baby girl in a box.

She quickly ripped off an e-mail to the Herald reporter: "I want to adopt this baby if no one else wants her."

Krasovich and her husband, Dennis, live in Lake Park, Minn., about 25 miles southeast of Moorhead, or about 110 miles southeast of Grand Forks.

"I have a lot of love for kids, and I feel really bad for that little baby," Krasovich explained in a telephone interview with the Herald. "She deserves a good life."

Krasovich said she has three children, a boy, 17, and twin girls, 13, from a previous marriage.

"I just remarried two years ago, and my husband doesn't have any kids," she said. "And I'm 46 and too old to have any more children. But I would very much love to have another one."

A few minutes after Krasovich talked to the Herald, another woman e-mailed the Herald reporter to also offer to adopt the baby.