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Skiers finish busy week on the trails

Following up on their first and third showing in the Varsity pursuit relays at the Alexandria Invite Saturday Jan. 17, the Detroit Lakes Nordic ski team competed in the Little Falls Invite at Camp Ripley Monday Jan. 19.

That meet was followed by the Otter Tail Nordic Classic invite on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

At Camp Ripley, the Laker Varsity Boys were led by freshman Jake Richards who took second place in the 10K pursuit with a time of 34:46.

He was followed by sophomore Dylan Ramstad Skoyles in 13th place with a time of 37:20.

Eighth graders Christian Tigges and Hunter Schleske also scored for the varsity team, taking 59th and 60th place respectively, with times of 46:26 and 47:32.

Camp Ripley is the site of the upcoming Section championships Feb. 4, and the Laker's success at this venue is a promising sign for the varsity boys' team according to Laker coach Dan Josephson.

The Laker girls' varsity team at Camp Ripley was led by seventh grader Berit Ramstad Skoyles who finished 34th out of 59 Varsity girls in the 10K pursuit with a time of 48:50, followed by Shannon Goetz in 48th place with a time of 54:43.

The competition in the girls varsity race was intense, with the Laker girls competing against a Little Falls team that is ranked seventh in the state and the Grand Rapids team that is ranked ninth.

"I thought the girls over all did very well, given the level of competition and the difficulty of the course," Josephson said.

"It's been a busy week and the kids have performed well in a string of races."

Next, the Lakers move on to the race in Bemidji Tuesday, Jan. 27.

A postponed meet due to cold weather forecasted for Saturday the Jan. 24.

Lakers take first and third at Alexandria Invite

DL boy skiers Richards and Ramstad Skoyles posted a first place finish in the pursuit relays in Alexandria Saturday, Jan. 17.

The race required each skier to ski a 2.5K classic leg and a 2.5K of freestyle leg, for a total distance between the two skiers of 10 km.

The first place time of Richards and Ramstad Skoyles of 39:12 was more than 2.5 minutes faster than the closest rivals from Alexandria and much faster than the other teams from Brainerd and Willmar.

Josephson noted that this is the best finish for the Laker varsity boys so far this year, although with Richards and Ramstad Skoyles improving with each meet, Josephson expects that the Lakers will continue to do well in their upcoming meets at Little Falls, Fergus Falls and Bemidji.

Josephson also pointed out that Christian Tigges and Stephen Sinclair did very well in their first varsity meet, helping the Detroit Lakes boys to score.

Other Laker boys doing well in the junior varsity race were Hunter Schleske, Devin Lange, Brendan Pucel and Montana Johnson.

"The boys team is finally getting the depth required to field a good match for every meet," said Josephson. "We look forward to the balance of this season and especially in the next few years, with freshman Richards and sophomore Ramstad Skoyles leading the team backed up by a group of hungry young skiers willing to put forth the effort to score well in every meet."

The Laker girls also had another good outing, with a third place finish in the varsity pursuit by the team of sophomore Shannon Goetz and Berit Ramstad Skoyles.

Skiing the same 10K pursuit, Goetz and Ramstad Skoyles posted a combined time of 51:32.

This was the best finish for the Laker varsity girls this year and a sign of the progress the team has made with the addition of Ramstad Skoyles to the varsity team.

In the junior varsity race, the lead Laker skier was Andrea Weiss who returns to the team after several weeks on a mission trip to Africa.

"We expect the team to do even better once Andrea gets back up to speed," said Josephson.

The DL coach remarked the conditions at the Alexandria meet were terrible, with gusty winds and dangerously low wind chills.

"The kids did a great job to tough it out in poor conditions," Josephson added.