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Have a game plan for Super Bowl weekend tailgating

Troopers of the Detroit Lakes and Thief River Falls districts of the Minnesota State Patrol will be out to tackle drunk drivers over the Super Bowl weekend.

"We are encouraging Super Bowl revelers to plan for sober rides and avoid driving impaired, its dangers and consequences," says Trooper Andy Schmidt.

Over Super Bowl weekends in 2006-2008, alcohol-related crashes accounted for five of the seven motorists killed -- and 1,470 motorists were arrested for DWI.

Young adults are the state's biggest DWI offenders -- and the group most often killed in alcohol-related crashes. Each year in Minnesota, around 68 percent of the impaired drivers killed are male; males also account for about 75 percent of the annual DWI arrests.

Schmidt says, "I have said it for years now that the reason I feel most drivers get arrested for DWI is because they failed to have a plan for getting home safely. And the best plan is to designate a sober driver before you start the party."

Each year in Minnesota, alcohol-related crashes account for approximately 200 traffic deaths and nearly 40,000 are arrested for DWI. The State Patrol would also like to point out that of the seven Super Bowl-period traffic deaths three were not wearing seat belts.

Schmidt said that party hosts need to demonstrate responsibility and suggest they huddle with guests prior to kick-off to make the call for safe rides. Such as:

- Designate a sober driver before the coin toss.

- Call a sober friend before the coin toss to make sure there will be a safe ride when the game is over.

- Or if you realize you forgot to do the above before the game started, bench your team. It is better to have them crash at the party instead of on the road.

- And then after the celebrating remind all your guests to buckle their seat belt before they hit the road.