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Eagan man sentenced to probation for refusing alcohol test

An Eagan man was sentenced to seven years' probation last week in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of refusal to test.

Dean Robert Davis, 46, of 2896 Lexington Ave. South, Eagan, Minn., pled guilty on Dec. 28 to a felony count of first degree refusal to test-driving while intoxicated; a felony count of first degree driving while intoxicated was dismissed.

At his sentencing on Wednesday, Jan. 28, Davis was committed to serve 42 months in prison, stayed on conditions including up to seven years' probation, 210 days in jail and no driving without a valid license. He was also ordered to pay $4,750 in fines and court fees ($3,000 of which was stayed) and 30 days of electronic home monitoring for each year he is on probation.

According to the original criminal complaint, Davis was charged after a July 2, 2005 incident on County Road 143 in Becker County. Upon being placed under arrest for DWI and brought into the law enforcement center, he allegedly refused to answer any questions and requested to call a lawyer (which is considered a test refusal).