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Ponsford man sentenced for felony domestic assault

Travis Jerome Norcross, 26, of 48150 Pow Wow Highway, Ponsford was sentenced Monday for felony domestic assault.

According to court records: On April 4 at a residence in White Earth, he allegedly assaulted a woman with whom he was in a long-term relationship, slapping her several times on the face, punching her arm, and grabbing her throat. She left the residence with her child and went to her sister's house.

On Monday, Becker County District Judge Peter Irvine sentenced Norcross to 21 months in prison, execution of sentence stayed five years. He was placed on supervised probation for five years. He was ordered to serve 180 days in jail, with STS and work release privileges granted.

He was fined $400 plus court fees, and must complete an anger management program.