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FBI report shows gang activity on rise as Moorhead police chief says area presents "appealing market"

MOORHEAD - Gang activity apparently is on the rise and the FBI says 58 percent of state and local law enforcement agencies reported gangs were active inside their jurisdictions last year.

The percent is a jump from 2004 statistics, which showed 45 percent of agencies reporting gang activity.

More gang members are migrating from urban to rural communities, according to the FBI.

Moorhead Police Chief David Ebinger said the latest FBI report doesn't surprise him and Fargo-Moorhead continues to be an "appealing market" for drug-dealing gangs.

The FBI report shows more gang activity on Indian reservations. The "Native Mob," a violent American Indian gang, is most active in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

In addition, the FBI says gangs pose a growing threat along the Canadian border as American gangs work with them to smuggle drugs into the U.S.