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2009 assessments to help eradicate bovine TB

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) reminds livestock producers that the state has implemented a temporary $1 per-head assessment on all Minnesota-raised cattle sales in the state during 2009. This measure will raise funds to help support ongoing efforts to contain and eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) from Minnesota.

Created by the 2008 Minnesota Legislature with the support and encouragement of Minnesota's cattle industry, the assessment applies to all Minnesota-raised cattle sold between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2009. The program applies to all forms of cattle sales, including outstate auction markets and sales/marketing agencies, as well as private treaty sales to buyers within or outside Minnesota.

According to MDA Commissioner Gene Hugoson, the support of the state's cattle producers has helped state and federal officials make progress in the fight against bovine TB. Recent accomplishments include herd buy-outs, increased cattle testing, the construction of protective fencing under a cost-share program, and the implementation of movement restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease to new areas of the state.

In November 2008, letters were sent to Minnesota cattle producers, auction markets, sale agencies, and slaughter facilities informing the cattle industry about this temporary $1 per-head assessment. Last month, markets, sales/marketing agencies, and slaughter facilities received report and remittance forms to be used to administer the assessment in their establishments.

Producer remittance forms and more information on the bovine TB assessment and the state's overall effort to eradicate bovine TB can be found online at, or by calling the bovine TB hotline at 1-877-MN-TB-FREE (668-2373).