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Man transported to Grand Forks hospital after reportedly shooting himself by accident in Roseau County

GRAND FORKS - A man who suffered what was reported as an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound in Roseau County late Monday has been transported to Grand Forks to receive care.

The sheriff's office responded just before midnight to a report that a man had accidentally shot himself with a pistol, according to a department release.

Chief Deputy Terry Bandemer said the shooting occurred in a wooded area shortly before the report was made. He said the man was possibly hunting or target shooting. It's not clear whether the man was in the woods by himself or not. No one else was reported injured.

Bandemer said it's standard procedure to investigate such a shooting.

Where the shooting happened, the man's age, hometown, where he was struck with the round and the extent of his injuries was not made available.

"Our victim was transported to Grand Forks, so he has most of the information, so we're going to have to get a hold of him," Bandemer said.

Before being transferred to Grand Forks, the man was treated at the hospital in Roseau, the release states.

Bandemer said he expects his department to complete its investigation and release more details today.