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NDSU sets spring semester enrollment record

Spring enrollment at North Dakota State University broke another record with 12,562 students, the university said Tuesday.

That's a 7.4 percent increase over the previous spring enrollment figures, which itself was a record.

Prakash Mathews, vice president for student affairs, attributed the increase, in part, to NDSU's success in retain-ing students from fall semester.

In fall semester, enrollment at NDSU was 13,229.

Typically, universities lose a certain number of students by spring because some drop out or go to some other uni-versity. Students also graduate and are not replaced because most new enrollment takes place in fall.

There were more freshmen this spring semester compared to last -- 102 versus 54, respectively -- and there were more graduate students also -- 1,882 versus 1,719, respectively.

Though the majority of students come from North Dakota, Prakash said that, over the past four semesters, the uni-versity has seen more growth in students from Minnesota

Looking at enrollment from the past several years, Prakash said NDSU has seen growth in the number of students from Minnesota and from abroad. The number of students from other states, mostly the Upper Midwest, has grown some, he said.

NDSU's College of Engineering and Architecture is by far the biggest attraction, he said.

All universities are supposed to have submitted their numbers to the state university system by Tuesday. But UND officials said they would release their spring enrollment today.

Spokesman Peter Johnson said the university relations office has been busy working on funeral services for for-mer university President Tom Clifford, also held today.

UND had earlier reported record graduate enrollment of about 2,200, compared to 1,985 the year before.