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Tough cuts ahead for East Grand Forks Schools

EAST GRAND FORKS - While job cuts will be a part of the East Grand Forks Public Schools' 2010 budget reduction, Superintendent David Pace is unsure how many or who will have to be let go.

"Right now, we're looking across the board -- teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators," he said.

Pace will work in the coming weeks to develop scenarios for both a $750,000 cut and a $1.1 million cut, figures he presented to the School Board on Monday night.

The scenarios will help determine how many jobs and which ones will need to be reduced in 2010. The board will have to approve a final budget by June 30.

Minnesota laws say newer employees should be reduced first, Pace said, but first- and second-year teachers' salaries are a savings of only $40,000 to $42,000. More experienced teachers' salaries can be a savings of $63,000 to $68,000, he said.

Pace and the board also will look at cuts in transportation, social services and delays of purchases.

If the board cuts $750,000, it should be prepared to make a $650,000 cut in 2011, Pace said. The closer the reduction is to 1.1 million, the less the board will have to reduce later.