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Freedom of speech sticker has right to offend

Question No. 1: Today I was driving and saw a pick-up truck with the words "Crazy B----" (edited by Trooper Andy) prominently displayed in the back window. Is this something that is allowed or at what point does it become a violation?

Answer No. 1: I understand where you are coming from with this one. I do not know of any Minnesota law that prohibits this and must admit that it does fall under the "freedom of speech" clause in our constitution.

And yes you were right, it can be far worse than what you saw that day. This scenario brings to mind a saying I once heard: "Having the right to do it, is not at all the same as in being right to do it."

Question No. 2: I once heard you say that during winter storm conditions we should not call the State Patrol to check on road conditions. You gave a phone number but we lost our note so could you please tell us that phone number again?

Answer No. 2: Yes, I can and with pleasure. From your phone, cell or home, call 511. You will get an automated system and will have to say the name of the city or town in the area you are inquiring about.

Please note that you cannot ask for conditions near Fargo as Fargo is in North Dakota. In that case you will have to request information about the Moorhead area.

Now if you possess sufficient skills with a computer (if not ask one of the grand kids) then you can go to; and check the conditions listed there.

Thank you so very much, and be careful out there.

Parents don't just hand over the keys to your new driver. Please take the time to ride with them and let them gain experience before allowing them to face the dangers of a public road on their own.

If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws in Minnesota send your questions to Trooper Andy Schmidt, Minnesota State Patrol, 1000 Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501-2205, or reach me at