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Moorhead man arrested outside Fargo police department after domestic dispute

FARGO - A Moorhead man was arrested outside the Fargo Police Department over the weekend in what police described as a rolling domestic.

The incident began with a call to Fargo police about 1:20 a.m. Saturday, according to Sgt. Mike Mitchell.

A woman and a man who were in a car that was being followed and rammed by another vehicle were directed to drive to the Fargo Police Department, said Mitchell.

The two vehicles stopped outside the front doors of the police station and the occupant of one car left his vehicle and tried to get inside the other car, Mitchell said.

When that failed, the man went back to his vehicle and retrieved a hammer.

It was at that point officers arrived and ordered the man to drop the hammer, which he did, said Mitchell.

Michael L. Springer, 51, Moorhead, was arrested on suspicion of terrorizing and criminal mischief, said Mitchell.