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Still no action on DirecTV-KXJB impasse

FARGO - There's been little progress in the negotiations between local CBS affiliate KXJB and satellite cable provider DirecTV, so satellite subscribers who want to watch March Madness should start making other plans, KXJB's general manager said Monday.

"Since there's no resolution yet, people ought to be looking for alternatives," said the general manager, Charley Johnson, about the NCAA men's basketball tournament to air on CBS starting March 19.

DirecTV, which has about 28,000 local subscribers, dropped KXJB from its lineup Jan. 8 after the two sides couldn't agree on the fee DirecTV should pay to carry the feed. Johnson has said the two sides are $12,000 apart, but the stalemate has not changed.

"There's back and forth, but there's no breakthrough," Johnson said.