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'Self-Care Before Sit-ups'

Just like many women, personal fitness coaches can struggle with weight and body image issues too.

Lifestyle fitness expert Amy Lundberg, founder of Aim For It Fitness Coaching LLC in Detroit Lakes, shares her insights for balancing children, marriage, work and personal health effectively in the new bestselling book, Wake Up Women -- Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Lundberg contributed a chapter to the book called "Self-Care Before Sit-ups." In it, she relates the challenges of being pregnant three times -- "I was pregnant with my fourth child while writing the chapter," Lundberg said -- and "letting go of the judgment" with regard to losing the weight afterwards.

"My story is about the body image pressure I put on myself to be a personal trainer, and how to let go of that and be my own person," Lundberg said. "It's about seeing myself through God's eyes and not society's eyes."

At one time, Lundberg added, "my business was 100 percent my focus, and other things in my life started to suffer."

But after having what she called an "Aha!" moment, Lundberg re-examined her core values and "realized that work and business weren't the end-all."

"I was able to find a balance in work and family, and still have that focus and inner drive toward helping people," she continued. "I love what I do -- I love to coach."

But it's no longer the sole focus of her life, Lundberg added. As a wife and mother of four, she has found a way to balance her home life with that passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

Lundberg said she was approached by the founders of the "Wake Up Women" book series about contributing a chapter to the book.

"Out of the blue, I got an e-mail, and it intrigued me enough to follow up on it and talk to the three women (Ardis Farrow, Heidi Reagan and Karen Mayfield) that brought the idea for the series together," Lundberg said.

After a series of meetings, the women decided they could work together, and Lundberg began writing her story.

"I wanted to write an educational piece, but they wanted to use our (personal) stories as educational," Lundberg said.

She added that she struggled to condense her story into a three-page, 1,500-word essay, but "I think I've gotten very good comments from people who have read the book."

Lundberg also noted that she found herself reading the other chapters in the book and taking some of the advice offered by the other contributors -- including world-renowned authors like Debbie Allen, Loral Langemeier, Terri Amos-Britt and other successful professionals, doctors, coaches, investors and actors from around the world.

"This book has all sorts of personal stories that I think are phenomenal," she said. "I've taken some of the things from the book and applied them to my own life."

Lundberg added that if the right opportunity came along, she would definitely consider being involved in a similar writing project down the road.

The book Wake Up Women -- Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy is currently available at Lakes Brewed Awakening in Detroit Lakes, the Pines Gift Shop in Perham and the Heartland Center of Natural Healing in Park Rapids.

Lundberg has also developed a "Self Care Before Sit-ups" e-book and 10-week audio course. To learn more, visit, e-mail her at or call her at 218-846-1525.

A certified intuitive eating coach, personal fitness trainer and lifestyle fitness coach, Lundberg maintains offices in the Heartland Center as well as her own home in Detroit Lakes. In addition to providing coaching services over the phone, she also offers one-on-one personal coaching services at both the Heartland Center and the Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center.

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