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Detroit Lakes School of Tae Kwon Do & Kundo tests 40 students

The Detroit Lakes School of Tae Kwon Do & Kumdo tested 40 students at Color Belt testings Wednesday, Feb. 25, and Thursday, Feb. 26. New students may join during the month of March. Juniors include, back from left, Justine Peters, Rayn Jacobson, Tyler Munson, Alex Nielson, Jessica Kormosky, Alyssa Anderson, Jake Anderson, Cameron Kerns, Devin Lange; Middle: Jakob Bertek, Ryan Paskey, Ariana Groom, Master Lucas Holzhueter, Connor Hagrud, Nick Bode, Tony Gunderson, Jordan Lundberg, Hunter Hagen; Front: ...1 / 2
Adults include, from left, Zachary Eifealdt, Jason Solmon, Rebekka Dagen, Zachary Krause, Preston Dagen, Master Lucas Holzhueter, Devin Lange, Abby Krause, Jarod Herk, Duane Krause. Not pictured: Jessica Endres, Jessica Haugen, Jason Haugen and Robert Borash.2 / 2