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Detroit Lakes Newspapers editor hospitalized at Mayo Clinic

Detroit Lakes Newspapers Editor Nathan Bowe

Detroit Lakes Newspapers Editor Nathan Bowe is due to spend an unknown amount of time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

"Doing pretty good, just have to wait it out," he said Monday from the clinic.

On Feb. 18, after putting together the Wednesday Becker County Record, Bowe, 47, experienced severe abdominal pain and was taken to the emergency room at St. Mary's Innovis Health.

He was admitted and was treated for possible pancreatitis, although doctors were uncertain what exactly was wrong with him.

The following Tuesday, Feb. 24, he transferred to Mayo Clinic, where he has been since.

Instead of pancreatitis, doctors found a perforated small intestine, causing leakage and a mass to form in his small intestine.

Mayo doctors have sketched out a plan to remove 12-15 inches from his small intestine. The problem is it will be removed from the end of the small intestine that connects to the stomach, a riskier procedure than removing from the end connecting to the large intestine.

"That's kind of the plan at this point," Bowe said, although his surgeon doesn't want to be pinned down to that decision at this point, either.

It will be another week before doctors can perform another CAT scan and take a look due to the inflamed pancreas.

"They don't think it's cancer," Bowe said. "The tumor isn't fist shaped. It's just a mass of something that leaked out, causing trouble.

"That's kind of where it's at. They have to wait until it's not inflamed because it's so close to the pancreas, there's not a lot of room to mess with there, otherwise they could just go ahead and do it.

"You can't sew junk to junk though, that's what they told me," he said with a laugh. "Inflamed material to inflamed material. If you sew junk to junk, you get junk."

Bowe has been with Forum Communications since 1993.