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Nevis teachers to make home visits with their kindergartners-to-be

NEVIS - Incoming Nevis kindergartners will get a personal touch next fall before enrolling.

They'll get a home visit from the teacher.

Letters went out last week to potential students for the 2009-10 school year informing them of the change.

In the past, parents and kindergartners came to the school, met the teacher and visited the classroom.

The home visits, which will take place in early August, will enable teachers Jenny Travis and Jason Durham to visit with the parents and child in the home, review the kindergarten handbook and answer questions the family may have about school.

Kindergarten registration began March 9 for all children who will turn 5 before Sept. 1.

"First, it's easier to have families schedule a time for us to come to their residence versus asking them to attended an evening meeting," Durham said.

"Not everyone has the same work schedules, so it lends some flexibility. It's also nice for the child since they are meeting their new teacher in the environment that is most comfortable for them, their home," he added.

"We also believe that it will help us understand the child and family better, forming a strong base for a relationship that will continue with the school for the next 13 years as the child progresses along their educational journey."