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MnDOT announces bid results for first 11 Greater Minnesota federal stimulus transportation projects

The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced the contractors who submitted the apparent lowest bids to build 11 road and bridge projects in Greater Minnesota with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Bids for these projects total approximately $40 million.

The 11 projects are part of 60 state highway projects in Greater Minnesota totaling $180 million that Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel announced in February.

Last week, Mn/DOT announced an additional 53 city and county road and bridge projects in Greater Minnesota totaling $75 million. State and local projects in the Twin Cities Metro area will be announced later this month.

"Mn/DOT is working to ensure that Minnesota's share of the federal stimulus funds is used efficiently and effectively," said Sorel. "It is expected that these first 11 projects will create more than 1,000 jobs in Minnesota and improve the Greater Minnesota transportation system."

The 11 projects include seven concrete and bituminous resurfacing projects, such as a $5 million project on Highway 75 in Ortonville and a $16 million project on Interstate 90 from Alden to Albert Lea. Safety projects include a $1.4 million project to install cable median barriers along Interstate 94 east of Sauk Centre.

Before awarding a contract, Mn/DOT verifies the information submitted by the apparent low bidder and lets the contract within 30 calendar days to the lowest responsible bidder.

The March 13 project bid letting results are available on Mn/DOT's Web site at

More information about American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects is available on Mn/DOT's Web site at