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Wolf Lake proves to be a generous pack of Lions

Lions Ron Genoch, from left, Dennis Anderson, Joyce Ramsay and Dave Mickelson stand in from of a list of contributions on display at the Wolf Lake Lions Hall.

Over the past 25 years, Wolf Lake Lions have given over half million dollars in donations to various causes.

One of the first major projects the Lions accomplished was to restore the Wolf Lake Hall. The Hall continues to be maintained and updated by the Lions. The Hall is utilized by many people for parties, dances, clubs, government functions, early childhood education plus the Lions activities. To date the hall has been available for a nominal fee for use by anyone just by contacting the Wolf Lake Liquor Store and reserving the date.

In 2008, the Wolf Lake Lions gave away $27,150 of which the City of Wolf Lake received $19,380, plus donations were also given to the City Fire Department, the Wolf Pack Baseball team, and Sportsman's Club.

Contributions were made to the Menahga and Frazee schools for various events and organizations. Money has been given to people having hardships, the Ronald McDonald House and all the Lions causes.

Each year at Santa Claus Day, the Lions give away approximately $2,000 in gifts to those attending the event and to senior citizens living in the area. Many people enjoy the sliding hill in the winter and utilize during the summer the shelter house that the Lions built at the Wolf Lake Waterfront Park.

Fund-raising for all these donations come from charitable gambling, the Harvest Festival dinner, the serving of food at the Winter Fest and their Wild Game Feed. The Wolf Lake Lions thank everyone who participated in these events.

The Wolf Lake Lions are always looking for new members. If you would like to help to serve the community, help someone who is having difficulty, or just have fun, come join the Lions. In Wolf Lake, contact President Dave Mickelson, Secretary Joyce Ramsay or Membership Chair Ron Genoch for more information.