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Fargo, Moorhead firefighters called to sunflower plant fire near downtown Fargo

Moorhead firefighters scale ladders to help battle a blaze at CHS Sunflower Facilities in Fargo. (Michael Vosburg/The Forum)

FARGO - About 25 firefighters from the Fargo and Moorhead fire departments are fighting a fire at CHS Sunflower Facilities here.

The call came in at about 4:30 p.m. with a report of a fire in a sunflower seed drying oven at 18 13½ St. N., according to dispatch reports.

Fargo Capt. Dane Carley said he believed about a dozen employees were in the plant at the time the fire started. All left the building immediately, and no one was injured. Neighboring homes were also evacuated.

Carley said the exact cause of the blaze and the extent of damage were not immediately clear.

"We're still putting it out, so we haven't had time to look into that yet," he said.

Firefighters collapsed part of the plant's ceiling, sending pungent smoke and flames shooting out from the roof - a move to prevent the fire from engulfing the entire ceiling of the building. Heavy winds blowing to the north picked up the smoke.