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Mudslide blocks one lane of Highway 34 west of Osage on Tuesday night

A small mudslide blocked traffic on Highway 34 for a few hours Tuesday night.

The slide occurred about 10 miles west of Osage and blocked the westbound lane of the road.

Mahlon Edmonson said he was driving eastbound on Highway 34 toward Osage at about 10:25 p.m. Tuesday when he witnessed the mudslide fall down the bank on the north side of the road.

Edmonson called the Becker County Sheriff's Office, who dispatched the call to the State Patrol. Minnesota Department of Transportation crews removed the mudslide with bulldozers.

MnDOT's responding crewmember said the mudslide was about 10 feet wide and was just a small obstruction.

Edmonson said he was glad to get a call from an officer at 2 a.m. notifying him that the mudslide had been moved.

The slide posed a danger because drivers heading west would cross into the eastbound lane in the middle of the night to drive around the mud.