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Quilting at Pine Point School

Pine Point quilters: (from left to right, back row) Alissa Clark, Natasha French, Autumn Warren, Autumn Annette, Lonnie Bellanger, Cassidy Roy; (front row) Tiffani Moran, Adrianna Smith, Tricia Jones, Sam Robbins.

Girls and boys have been given the opportunity to stitch their way to a new hobby -- quilting.

"It's a special class they get to become a part of. A class to expand their horizons," Jason Luksik, Pine Point School principal, said.

Being taught by former administrator Bonnie Garno, the students learn to quilt, and the art of patience. The class is designed to offer them something different so they "realize it's a fun hobby," he added.

The students got to pick the design of their quilts as well.

The quilts were then displayed in the school during Family Fun Day and conferences. Parents who came to conferences were put into a drawing and a quilt was raffled off.

The class is offered to both boys and girls, but mainly girls participate in it. At the same time, a wood and steel class is offered that most of the boys are involved in. They have made signs, eagle and bear designs that are carved out and used with wood burning to decorate, as well as bows and arrows.

"It's a student-driven project," Luksik said of both classes.