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Superior cop suspended, ordered to undergo alcohol assessment

Chad La Lor

SUPERIOR, Wis. - A Superior police captain is facing three weeks suspension without pay and an alcohol abuse assessment after a hit-and-run accident early Friday.

Capt. Chad La Lor was issued a citation after a police investigation into the crash on North 28th Street near Spartan Drive in Superior. Less than a half-hour before the crash, police officers observed La Lor's Mini Cooper outside a downtown bar.

La Lor admitted drinking before the collision, in which he drove onto a median and struck a pickup truck owned by Murphy Oil. No one was injured in the crash.

"It is my understanding that no blood-alcohol concentration was obtained as the first post-incident contact with Capt. La Lor occurred some eight or nine hours after the incident," City Attorney Frog Prell wrote in response to a Superior Telegram open-record request. "With the passage of some hours between the time of the incident and the contact with the suspect, a blood-

alcohol concentration, even if significant, would have no evidentiary value in the context of an alcohol-related driving charge."

The accident occurred about 2:25 a.m. Friday, but it was 1 p.m. before Assistant Police Chief Charles LaGesse met with La Lor at his home during the investigation.

Prell released the disciplinary agreement that outlines the conditions of La Lor's continued employment after La Lor waived his right to challenge its release in court.

The terms of the agreement:

* A one-year probationary period to demonstrate his ability to continue to perform his duties as investigations commander. Failure would result in demotion to police sergeant.

* Plead no contest to the hit-and-run citation and pay all related fines and penalties and damages to Murphy Oil.

* A three-week unpaid suspension.

* Undergo alcohol assessment and comply with recommendations.

* A last-chance agreement for two years. Any on- or off-duty alcohol-

*elated conduct bringing discredit to the police department or La Lor, or any violations of law, would bring termination.

Breaching any part of the agreement would result in demotion or termination of employment.

Under the agreement, any action taken to demote or terminate La Lor for violations covered by the agreement would be subject only to limited review by the Police and Fire Commission, which has the legal authority to discipline police and fire officials.

La Lor is a 15-year veteran of the department.