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Moorhead seeking sandbag volunteers Wednesday

MOORHEAD - The city of Moorhead is going back to the well of goodwill one more time.

Officials said this morning they will be sending out a call for volunteers to fill sandbags on Wednesday as the city works to meet a potential second record crest, perhaps as early as next week.

Details likely won't be available until Wednesday, but officials said they will be counting on students to do what they have done in the past, turn out in large numbers to save the community from an expected deluge.

Residents of Moorhead were also asked to help police and private security workers keep an eye on new earthen dikes going up around town, as well as pumps that will be needed to control storm and sanitary sewer backup.

Anyone found maliciously tampering with either will face prosecution to the full extent of the law, Police Chief David Ebinger said.

The contingency dikes being built will block driveways and residents were advised to visit the city's Web site,, to check color-coded maps showing when dikes in their neighborhoods will be completed.

Cars should be moved to streets and avenues before driveways are blocked.