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Man sentenced for drug-laced chocolate goodies

A Minneapolis man has been sentenced on a felony count of fifth-degree controlled substance crime (possession) after he and two others were caught with several grocery bags of marijuana- and hallucinogenic mushroom-laced chocolate goodies in the back of their car.

They were stopped on Highway 59 on July 24 near Sauer Lake.

Dismissed in a plea agreement were felony charges of first-degree controlled substance crime (possession -- over 500 grams) and another count of fifth-degree controlled substance crime (possession).

According to court records:

A trooper monitoring traffic noticed a passenger car with windows that appeared to be tinted to a degree illegal in Minnesota.

He pulled the car over and all three young men inside showed signs of nervousness. The trooper also allegedly noted signs of marijuana use -- residue in the car and physical signs on the driver.

The driver consented to a search of the car.

Matthew Philip Hammond, 29, of 27 West 14th St., Minneapolis was riding in the passenger seat and a third man was in the back seat.

The trooper allegedly found 1.3 grams of amphetamines (with packaging) on the passenger side floor.

There was also 13 grams of marijuana in a glass jar in the glove compartment, and another 16 grams of marijuana in a black duffel bag.

In the back set was a grocery bag that allegedly contained numerous chocolate bunnies wrapped in tin foil that tested positive for marijuana. Gross package weight was 1,082 grams.

There were also numerous baked goods, including brownies wrapped in tin foil in a grocery bag in the back seat. They allegedly contained hallucinogenic mushrooms. Total gross weight was 4,497 grams.

Hammond was sentenced Friday in Becker County District Court, where imposition of sentence was stayed for five years.

He was placed on supervised probation and ordered to serve 30 days in jail, with credit for eight days served. Work release privileges were granted. He was fined $1,000 plus court fees and ordered to get a chemical use assessment and submit to random drug testing. He can serve his time and probation in Hennepin County.