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New oil man in Frazee

Andy Nolan, owner of Andy's Lube & Auto Repair,opened shop along West Main Street in Frazee last week. Nolan also owned Andy's Econo Lube that closed in 2006.

Andy Nolan is back in business in Frazee.

The owner of the namesake Andy's Lube & Auto Repair on West Main Street owned another repair shop in the city a few years ago.

The shop, Andy's Econo Lube, on the other end of Frazee, closed in July 2006, Nolan said.

"I closed because the building was going to be sold," Nolan said. "I tried to find another place to move into and I couldn't."

He finally found an opening in a garage attached to the former Klemm's service station.

There's not a big difference in Nolan's two businesses. A credit card machine, though, will be a convenient addition for customers.

"I've had customers say that if you had a credit card machine, I'd do business with you," Nolan said.

Nolan said he wants to fill a gap that exists in Frazee.

He said since S & T Auto Repair does a lot of bigger vehicles, he will likely do business with smaller cars.

"Probably a lot of the smaller stuff, I'll end up getting," Nolan said. "Who knows? I'll tackle anything, just about."

He works on oil changes, tires, brakes and engine work.

"The only thing I wouldn't do is to do an engine overhaul or transmission rebuilds," Nolan said, because those jobs take up space for too long.

If the need exists, he said he hopes to add an extra mechanic for electronic engine diagnostic work.

Right now, he'll stick with general work.

"Most guys try to do specialty work," Nolan said. "I don't want to specialize in just one thing as much as I can, because I want to service my customers."

Because of that general type of work, he said he makes sure that the work gets done right.

"Some of the customers don't like to get in-and-out in five to 10 minutes," Nolan said. "They'd like to know that you are actually checking out the car."

Nolan said his love of mechanics started early, and he started working on cars when he was about 21.

"I was getting fed up about being charged so much," Nolan said.

A curiosity led him to learn more, and his father and grandfather helped mentor him.

"I really like to work with my hands," Nolan said. "I found it to be a passion."

Andy's Lube & Auto Repair is at 204 W. Main St. in Frazee. He's open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

He can be reached at 234-5712.