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Investigating the paranormal


Everybody wants them, but in some cases, answers can't be provided.

For some, that's not acceptable. Everything has an answer to it.

But for others -- such as myself -- finding answers to those subjects that don't have a definite explanation is an attraction.

Exploring one of the final frontiers left to be undiscovered -- the paranormal -- has been more than an interest to me since my childhood days.

Not knowing what's "on the other side" with no scientific answers has added more intrigue than indifference to it.

For some, the fact there have been no concrete answers, makes it unbelievable, with skepticism abounding.

If you can't wrap your mind around it, it's not real.

But there's a fine line between ignorance and being closed minded, as eloquently stated by one of the Fargo-Moorhead Paranormal members.

That's why my entrance into the investigation of the paranormal is more than just quelling my taste for adventure and satisfying my curiosity.

It's about answers. It's about exploring an area of the unknown, applying science and ambition to finding those answers.

It's about open-mindedness, discovering a realm like no other which has been explored through the history of time.

It's about putting a subject -- that people shy away from because they don't want to be laughed at -- at the forefront.

What it's not about is the occult, religion and the boogey man.

Already, paranormal investigation and research has entered mainstream America.

With the popular weekly show "Ghost Hunters" (which is televised every Wednesday on the Sci-Fi Channel) and other TV shows like it, the paranormal is getting popular.

What attracted me to such programs was the fact they took the Hollywood out of the "ghosts."

They put a real scientific spin to investigating. There isn't any exaggeration, doctored footage or using altered evidence to spice up the ratings.

"Ghost Hunters" pretty much just puts the evidence out to the viewers as collected, and there's been some pretty compelling evidence.

That's how my series, "The Paranormal Files" will be presented.

There will be a three to four-part series which will run throughout the spring and summer.

There also will be a webpage fully dedicated to Paranormal Files, which will be launched Tuesday.

The cyber version of The Paranormal Files will feature evidence that can't be run in the print version of the newspaper -- such as electronic voice phenomena, photos, video and investigation articles, written from my firsthand experience as I go along with Fargo-Moorhead Paranormal investigators.

There will be articles posted by noted paranormal investigators as well.

This webpage will allow people to see the evidence as it is presented to the client, all in its original content. Then, you, the reader, can make your own judgment on it.

Although I can't guarantee any hard-proof evidence will knock your socks off, what I can guarantee 100 percent is all of the evidence that will be posted on the Paranormal Files website will be authentic.

I can assure there will be no doctoring of evidence -- it will be presented as is.

I'm not out to push any beliefs on anyone. The group I am working with, Fargo-Moorhead Paranormal, is a legit investigative group which keeps the integrity of its work at the forefront.

In this area, there are no definite answers. People are rightfully skeptical about images caught on camera or electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) which are recorded.

I've seen and heard many EVPs and pictures of supposed ghosts or entities on the internet and on television.

Although I do not doubt the authentic nature of some of them (mostly on Ghost Hunters), it's easy to have the "I got to see it to believe it" attitude.

Well, on my first investigation with FMP, that's exactly what happened -- instead it was "I got to hear it to believe it."

On my first investigation with FMP, we were investigating a private residence in Dilworth, where there was plenty of paranormal activity reported by the house owner.

One of my jobs was to go into the bedroom where entities were reported as full-body apparitions. My only piece of equipment was a digital voice recorder, and I went alone and asked questions out loud.

During the evening, nothing occurred to me personally too much outside the normal (you'll have to read my case breakdown on the website for more details).

But after going over the voice recordings, during my time in the bedroom alone, there was a disembodied voice that was heard after I asked a question (this EVP will also be available on the Paranormal Files website which will be up and running by Monday or Tuesday).

Now, I know I was alone in that room. There weren't any other voices that could be heard while I was in there. I didn't hear the voice in real time, but the voice recorder picked it up like someone was only a few feet from it.

When something like that happens to you, it just doesn't come as a third-party watching TV... it actually happened to me first-hand.

That experience alone has made me more eager and excited to pursue my quest for paranormal answers and I appreciate the opportunity to investigate with FMP.

Another goal of mine is to get some feedback and tips from local people who have had paranormal experiences.

Then investigations will have that local flavor, making the series and Paranormal Files that more interesting.

FMP, along with myself, are more than willing to help an individual, family or business out with an investigation.

There can be logical explanations for what is occurring -- and can be uncovered by investigators.

Otherwise, proof can be produced to give those parties peace of mind with their problem.

During an investigation, clients' names can remain confidential -- like the Dilworth house investigation -- and privacy will be respected to the fullest extent.

Individuals can email me at or Charles Dosh, one of the co-founders of FMP at

Your case will be handle professionally and with the utmost respect for your house/business.

It's quite amazing, but from the time I decided to start up Paranormal Files, almost everybody I talk to has a story or a suggestion about an experience they had or a place with activity.

Some of it, of course, is folklore, but paranormal stories have been around since man could write.

I also realize there are people out there who still wouldn't believe even if the ghost of Abe Lincoln came up and slapped them in the face.

But again, that's a choice and one that is respected by me.

Answers are not always simple and orderly.

What you can't see, can exist.

The world isn't meant to be a straight-lined, orderly and explainable one.

The paranormal is just one aspect that touches on a level that can't be experienced with a closed mind -- as I have set out to experience.