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Pembina River flood forecasts raised; flood warnings extended in Walhalla, Neche

GRAND FORKS - The National Weather Service raised the flood forecasts on the Pembina River and extended flood warnings at Walhalla and Neche, N.D., over the weekend.

The river now is forecast to rise above flood stage by Tuesday night at both locations.

In Walhalla, it is expected to rise to between 12 and 14 feet by April 20 to 24, with additional rises possible after that time. Flood stage is 11 feet, with minor damage occurring.

In Neche, the river is forecast to rise to between 20 and 21 feet by April 21 and 28. Flood stage is at 18 feet.

"If we hit 19.6, then we could have some problems," said Scott Reck, flood coordinator for the city of Neche.

At 19.6 to 20 feet, water threatens N.D. Highway 18, the main entrance into the community.

The Pembina River flows from Manitoba past Walhalla, N.D., and Neche before emptying into the Red at Pembina.

Pembina County Road 55 was closed late last week between Neche, N.D., and the Interstate 29 interchange at Pembina. On Saturday, the county closed a 5-mile stretch of Pembina County Road 2, between County Road 1 and County Road 55 because of water damage on the road.

In Pembina, N.D., the Red River now is forecast to crest Saturday at 52.5 feet. Until Sunday, the weather service had said the river could crest today at Pembina. The river was at 52.24 feet late Sunday night. Pembina's permanent dike is at 57.3 feet.