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USDA Farm Service: ACRE signup still not available

The USDA Farm Service Agency has had many inquires about the new ACRE program.

ACRE, which is an acronym for Average Crop Revenue Election, is a new commodity program included in the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (the 2008 farm bill).

To date, many of the rules for this new program have not been written, so the FSA is unable to take signup into ACRE at this time.

However, the direct and counter cyclical program (DCP) is still available. This program is much like it has been in the past. It pays producers according to their base acres and what commodities are planted on those acres.

The biggest change in the DCP program is that producers are paid on 83.33 percent of their base instead of 85 percent, as in the past.

If producers choose to enroll into the DCP program they can get their 22 percent advance shortly after they signup. When ACRE signup becomes available, and if producers choose to enroll they will be able to switch from DCP into ACRE if the producer elects the ACRE program before June 1.

All producers will need to file a new farm operating plan before payments will made for the upcoming year. It is advised to review your operation before coming into your local FSA office, to be better prepared to answer required questions on the 902I and 902E operating plans.