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Moorhead flood fears ease; city sends sandbags west

MOORHEAD - With crest projections standing at about 35.5 feet for this weekend, the city of Moorhead is looking ahead to recovering from the 2009 flood and this morning sent some of its extra sandbags to a North Dakota city fighting flood water.

Moorhead had more than 200,000 sandbags in reserve to fight the Red River's second crest, but with water now unlikely to touch many sandbag dikes the city is sending more than 50 pallets of sandbags to Lisbon, N.D.

"At our level of 37 feet, we know a lot of sandbag dikes will be dry," Moor-head City Manager Michael Redlinger said.

The city had prepared for possible street flooding from storm sewer backup by collecting a total of 57 pumps.

But with the crest expected at around 35.5 feet, Redlinger said only four pumps will likely be needed and then only if it rains.

Storm sewer outflows, which had been capped to prevent river water from entering the system, have been reopened to allow any precipitation to drain to the river, said Redlinger.