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Survey finds some positive movement on attitudes about economy; Obama's good performance ratings again top 50 percent

UTICA, NY - An April 13-15 Zogby Interactive survey finds the economic opinions of likely voters moving slowly in a positive direction in terms of their personal finances and U.S. economic policy.

Also, President Barack Obama's positive job performance ratings are again over 50% after dipping just below that mark in a similar poll concluded on March 23. Now, 52% of likely voters rate his job performance as excellent (31%) or good (22%), 14% fair and 33% poor.

On March 23, his positive ratings totaled 49%. Positive ratings for Congress were 23%, which is no change from March 23.

Responses on Obama continue to be highly partisan, with only 14% of Republicans rating his performance positively, compared to 88% of Democrats and 46% of independents.