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Families work on cleaning up lot, beach for Earth Day

Kids and adults sift through mounds of dirt and trash during an Earth Day clean-up near the Detroit Lakes High School tennis courts.

When looking for something to do with her kids for Earth Day, Karin Staley-Fritz said she couldn't really find anything in Detroit Lakes. So she started her own project.

She said she and her kids were talking about "what we were going to do for Earth Day. We drove by and saw how gross it was."

That was in reference to the southern portion of the Detroit Lakes High School parking lot, next to the tennis courts.

And once they got to picking up trash, they realized how gross it really was. The kids shouted out they had found a pair of underwear, lots of paper and even some Barbie accessories.

Once Staley-Fritz found her project, which she also planned to clean up trash along the beach and city park area, she recruited friends as well.

"I sent out an e-mail to friends to see who can come," she said Wednesday, clad in gloves carrying her garbage bag.

"The weather is supposed to be 60 and sunny. Perfect temperature for being outside doing something for the earth and our community," she wrote in her e-mail to friends. And do something they did.