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New London woman charged with child abuse, assault on 6-year-old girl

WILLMAR - A 25-year-old New London woman made her first appearance Wednesday on felony charges of third-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child for allegedly pushing a 6-year-old child into the bathtub, causing the girl to fall and break her clavicle.

Shari Jo Jablonski was released on her personal recognizance and was ordered to comply with juvenile protection orders and spend no time alone with the child.

An addition condition is that family services officials can access her home on an announced or unannounced basis. She also faces a misdemeanor domestic assault charge in Kandiyohi County District Court. Her next appearance is May 11.

According to the complaint, on April 3 a Kandiyohi County sheriff's deputy was asked to contact a registered nurse at Fairview Northland Hospital in Princeton regarding a child abuse case.

The nurse said a man had brought in a 6-year-old girl and that an X-ray showed the child had a fractured clavicle.

The child said that Jablonski had pushed her into the bathtub and that she struck her head and shoulder. This had allegedly happened at Jablonski's rural New London home.

The man said he had picked up the girl from Jablonski, as he has weekend visitation rights, and they were on their way to another relative's home when the girl complained of pain in her shoulder.

He said the child hesitantly told him about the incident and said that Jablonski said not to tell anyone or she'd be sent away or spanked. The local deputy had a Princeton police officer interview both and the information they gave confirmed the allegations.

During various interviews with investigators, Jablonski allegedly claimed the girl fell in the tub, but was fine. She later said she shoved the girl because the child and another child wouldn't stop fighting.

She allegedly denied telling the girl not to tell anyone and confirmed that she didn't take the child to see the doctor.