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North Dakota may take action on UND nickname

GRAND FORKS - UND's Fighting Sioux nickname is on the agenda of the State Board of Higher Education meeting Thursday, and the board may take action on the matter.

The board has the authority to end the use of the nickname but, so far, has asked a committee chaired by board member Grant Shaft to study the matter.

Shaft could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The committee met once in February to organize but has not met since. Several committee members said they haven't heard much about future activities. A public forum scheduled more than a week ago on UND campus was canceled before it was formally announced.

The committee also is supposed to hold forums at the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Sioux reservations but has not done so. Spirit Lake voted 764-371 in April to support the nickname. UND needs the blessings of the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Sioux tribes to keep the nickname as part of its settlement with the NCAA.