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Plant, pest gardening clinics offered

With summer upon us, so come the many questions about trees, shrubs, home gardens and lawns. To help answer your questions and provide helpful ideas, the Becker County Extension Service features Plant & Pest/and Gardening Clinics every Monday and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Extension Office.

Clinics started Monday, May 1 and conclude Monday, Sept. 28.

The Gardening Clinics are possible because of the volunteer help of several experienced Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners participate in approximately 48 hours of intensive training on home horticulture topics from the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University. In return, they donate volunteer time back to their home county, working on community projects, teaching educational programs, conducting gardening clinics or answering questions they may receive in home communities.

For easier identification of your plant pest or disease or gardening problem here are some guidelines.

• Bring in a sample of the diseased part of the plant (at least 6 inches longer than diseased part) in a plastic bag.

• For weed identification, bring in whole plant, including roots in a plastic bag.

• If possible, bring insect pest with sample of plant material found on, in plastic or glass jar.

• Grass samples - cut out a 10-inch circle with 1 inch of soil -- including affected and non-affected area -- in box.

There is no charge for the clinics. The Becker County Extension Office is located in the Becker County Human Services Building (third levell) 712 Minnesota Ave., or call 218-846-7328 (Ext. 7105).