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Detroit Lakes flower beds are available for adoption

Grab your trowel, planting time has arrived.

City garden sites are available for planting, for showing or for produce. The Master Gardeners are working with the City of Detroit Lakes in coordinating the Adopt-A-Flower Garden program again this year.

Master Gardener Thomas Reiffenberger stated that there are 13 garden sites available for individuals or groups to adopt. After a site has been picked, individuals or groups take on the garden site as their own, unleashing their inner gardener and planting flowers, vegetables, herb, ornamentals or a combination of them all, then maintaining their garden through out the summer. It will be a time to enjoy your garden -- and also share its beauty with others.

Reiffenberger stated it will be a great year to combine flowers for beauty and vegetables for produce.

Don't have a garden site? Join the Adopt-A-Flower Bed program. Contact 847-5642 to Adopt-A-Flower Bed.