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Emmanuel's annual art auction to feature the art of crocheting

Emmanuel Community employee Diane Zayic's doilies will be a part of the Art for the Ages auction.


Emmanuel Community employee Diane Zayic has something to bond with her residents over -- the art of crocheting.

"My mom dabbled in it a bit and taught me a few stitches," she said as to how she got started.

Zayic's doilies will be on display and part of Emmanuel's Art for the Ages auction to benefit Emmanuel Foundation's Endowment Fund, which goes toward purchasing equipment to provide services for residents.

The art event will be from 2 to 6 p.m. on June 18, and will take place in Emmanuel Community's new Forest Conference Center. This is the fourth Art for the Ages event.

There will be demonstrations and artists on hand. Music at the reception will be provided by Judy Covington of the FM Symphony Orchestra and will have a classical theme.

As for Zayic's hand at crocheting, she creates doilies mainly, but she has also crocheted christening outfits for babies and afghans.

This is Zayic's first time being a part of the art show at Emmanuel, but she has given her doilies to several of the residents she helps care for.

"They just think it's neat," she said.

She crochets from patterns and from scratch when she sees a design she likes and wants to try and recreate.

She is contributing a large doily, two medium ones and a set of coasters to the Art for the Ages event.