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Zogby Poll: Opinions on Obama and the Economy Holding Steady -- Republicans Remain Very Negative Toward the President

UTICA, NY -- A Zogby Interactive survey shows President Barack Obama's popularity holding steady, as are the attitudes of likely voters about the economy and their own finances. Republicans continue to hold very negative opinions of Obama.

The poll of 2,959 likely voters was conducted from May 29-June 1, 2009. The margin of error is +/- 1.8 percentage points. We conducted similar surveys on April 13-15 and on March 20-23. Here is how these most recent results compare with past polling.

* Obama's positive job performance numbers are at 51%, down a point from mid-April. (Zogby uses a four-point scale of excellent, good, fair and poor, and aggregates excellent and good to determine positive ratings.) In the most recent poll, 14% gave Obama a rating of fair and 36% poor. Among Republicans, 72% gave Obama a poor rating.

* Obama's favorability (the aggregate of responses of very or somewhat favorable) is now at 55%, which is one point below the last time Zogby Interactive asked this question March 20-23. On the current survey, 70% of Republicans rated Obama very unfavorably.

* The percentage of voters saying the U.S. is heading in the right direction remains at 43%, the same as in April. Those choosing wrong track are up a bit, from 45% to 49%. Ninety percent of Republicans said the nation is on the wrong track.

* The percentage rating their personal financial situation as excellent or good ticked up two points from April to 42%.

* The number of those who feel very or fairly secure in their jobs remains at the same as April figures, 75%.

* Ratings toward Congress remain quite low, only 24% positive, the same as April.

Pollster John Zogby, said, "Obama continues to enjoy majority support from voters as he heads into the summer, a time in which he hopes to get Congress to pass health care reform and confirm Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. He is in good shape to get these things accomplished."

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