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Dickinson, N.D. receives snowy surprise Saturday

Cars make their way through a snowstorm Saturday morning in Dickinson, N.D. (Dustin Monke/Dickinson Press)

BISMARCK, N.D. -- Snow fell in Dickinson on Saturday -- the first time in nearly 60 years that flakes fell in June.

National Weather Service meteorologist Janine Vining in Bismarck said there were unofficial reports of a couple of inches of snow in Dickinson.

"It's uncommon, but it's not unheard of" to see snow in North Dakota in June, Vining said. Other parts of the state, particularly in the Williston and Bottineau areas, had snow in June within the past 10 years, she said.

Without freezing weather, area crops and garden plants shouldn't be affected, said Roger Ashley, extension agronomist with the North Dakota State University Dickinson Research Extension Center.

"The snow will lean some of the plants over, but if the snow doesn't break the plants they should be fine," Ashley said. "The snow won't affect the crops because it was actually starting to get dry since the rain, we should be OK."

Ashley said peas, wheat, barley, sunflowers and corn will all be fine unless much colder weather occurs.

"Much of the corn is still below the growing point, and it's not cold enough to do damage," Ashley said.

Perennial flowers will come through and those with annual flowers might experience some loss if temperatures dip below freezing, he added.

"For most of them, give them a few warm days and they'll snap right back," Ashley said.

Williston and Bismarck had received only rain as of mid-Saturday, but Vining said snow was possible in those cities later in the day.

The system that moved in from Canada "is bringing in just especially cold air," she said. "It still thinks it's spring, the atmosphere."

Today's state forecast calls for a chance of snow in the northwest and rain elsewhere.

-- Dickinson Press reporter Beth Wischmeyer contributed to this story.