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DL to host Eagles Auxiliary convention

The Fraternal Order of Eagles' Minnesota State Convention is June 17-20 in Detroit Lakes.

Though the convention is joint, the Aeries and Auxiliaries will hold separate sessions. The women will meet at the VFW Club.

In addition to business meetings, a variety of special events have been scheduled. A Mr. & Mrs. Banquet will be on Thursday and a Ritual Competition will also take place.

Some of the representatives that will be present at the auxiliary convention include Katie Ziebol, Carol Hilgemann and Gwen Stallkamp.

Ziebol joined the Ogden, Utah, Auxiliary No. 2472 in 1969. She became a member because of family tradition.

Katie grew up as an eaglet attending children functions and spent time watching her mother marching on Ogden's drill team. Her first experience as an officer was when Ogden formed a teen club and she held the office of chaplain. At the 2008 grand auxiliary convention held in Louisville, Ky., Katie was elected as a grand madam trustee.

Hilgemann joined the Eagles Auxiliary in 1998 because her husband was to become the local president. She became an active member of the James River Auxiliary No. 2337. She served as chaplain the first year, and has served in all state offices before becoming state president in 2004-05.

Stallkamp joined the Albert Lea Auxiliary No. 2258 in 1978 and became active immediately. She was elected madam president for the 1982-83 terms and has been an auxiliary trustee for 16 years. She joined the grand auxiliary family as grand madam trustee in 2003 at the international convention, and in August of 2008 was elected grand madam trustee in Louisville, Ky.