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Man injured after being hit by van in Moorhead

MOORHEAD - A young man was injured here this afternoon after being struck by a van along Eighth Street South and Fifth Avenue.

The man was attempting to cross Eighth Street when he was struck by the southbound vehicle, according to Shayne Davidson, who witnessed the accident.

"I think (the driver) kind of thought that he was going to stop," Davidson said. He added that the pedestrian, who was not using a crosswalk, had nearly finished crossing the street when he was struck just before 2 p.m.

Before being struck by the van, the pedestrian appeared to be unsure about whether to continue crossing or stop, Davidson said.

"He tried crossing as fast as he could," he said.

The man tried to run the rest of the way and became airborne after being struck, landing several feet away from the vehicle, Davidson said.

"I don't think the driver had much time to slow down," he said.

The man had a cut above his eye and was bleeding, but was conscious and able to walk around. Witnesses administered first aid and called police, who arrived within minutes, Davidson said.

The passenger's side of the van's windshield was spider webbed from the collision and the driver, a young man, appeared to be shaken.

The driver declined to comment, but said that he was not injured.

Davidson estimated the driver was going 30 miles per hour.

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