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Detroit Lakes teen sentenced for home break-in

A Detroit Lakes juvenile has been sentenced on a felony count of first-degree burglary in connection with an April 9 break-in at a North Shore Drive residence in Detroit Lakes.

Loren James Smith, Jr., 17, of 1333 Madison Ave., is accused of breaking into the residence along with two companions, while the home's occupants were asleep inside. After three people were seen fleeing the home, Smith was later found walking along Pembina Trail, breathing heavily.

He was taken back to the residence for identification purposes; two members of the family identified Smith as one of the persons they had seen fleeing the home.

Smith appeared June 16 in Becker County District Court before Judge Joe Evans, who sentenced him to 90 days stayed, 10 days to serve in a juvenile detention center.

He must also complete 50 hours of community service work, get counseling, submit to random drug and alcohol testing and pay $144 in restitution.